How we got started on this wild ride...

Breakfast Negroni

Some of you may not be aware that Dan and I started on this adventure back in 2014 with The Noble Experiment Melbourne. Stemming from the prohibition era, T.N.E aimed to produce premium quality bottle aged and barrel aged cocktails and dishes distinctive to Melbourne through the use of locally grown and harvested ingredients. Small batch, hand-crafted spirits were once a thing of the past – our dream being to reinvent this period once again alongside the continued growth and rebirth of the cocktail.

Noble Bootleggers Dry Cherry Gin

Through the venue we were able to be incredibly creative with our drinks and as a result we became obsessed with barrel aging cocktails and whiskies. Years of experimenting, refining & mastering the cocktail has led us on an exciting journey in founding The Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co.

In early 2017, Dan and I decided to take the leap and apply for a manufacturing license in order to be able to share our creations and bonded parts of our home (which Dan refers to as “The Lab”) to get things started. Dan loves to build stuff and as you can imagine, there are loads of “projects” on the go!

Being able to concentrate on this full time now (having sold the bar) is a very scary and exciting time for our little family. The next goal is to get the operation big enough to move out of my house and find a rural property where we can set up properly and grow as much of the produce we need ourselves.

In the meantime, we’ll keep tinkering away at our experiments to make sure we are creating the best possible product we can.

Kristin Lemura