Aged Negroni

Aged Negroni


We took a long hard look at our favorite cocktail the Negroni and all the different ways we have made it over the years. In the end, we decided that we needed to start from scratch. Well… as scratch as we could, because making a gin and using a still – how hard could it be?  After a steep learning curve, many experiments and tasting sessions later, we ended up settling on nine ingredients in our Negroni gin.

We then went to work with a very old friend Shaun Byrne of Maidenii to create a bright, fresh, rich vermouth to complement the gin. I would love to tell you that we trained a crack team of monkeys to hand press oranges from the lost corners of the Amazon jungle to make some kind of bitter orange liqueur, but that project is taking longer than expected. So at this stage and in keeping with tradition we have used Campari which has that unmistakable brilliant bitter orange flavour.

Enjoy it on ice with an orange twist.

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100ml Bottle Size, 22.7% ABV

Product of Melbourne, Australia.