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Creators of experimental spirits

Our Gins

At the Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co. we are all about creating exciting and innovative spirits and exploring new ground when it comes to flavour. We don’t have one standard base gin that we use for everything. Each gin is tailored from scratch to get the flavour we are trying to achieve. Our award winning gins feature a distinctive selection of botanicals and fresh local produce.





Aged to

Since 2014, the Noble Bootleggers have pushed the boundaries of cocktail making. Experimenting with techniques both new and old to create interesting flavours. Focusing on barrel aging, the bootleggers make everything in small batches. To achieve optimal flavour, our cocktails are aged up to four months, making each cocktail worth your patience.

Our Roots

Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co is a family owned and operated distillery based in south-western Victoria.

Husband and wife team Dan and Kristin Lemura have been working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and have been at the helm of some of Melbourne's finest establishments.

It was whilst owning and operating The Noble Experiment Melbourne they became obsessed with barrel aging cocktails, spirits and liqueurs. A process that has been used for centuries in the art of making spirits. This obsession for taking both modern and classic cocktails and reinventing them has evolved into the Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co. 

Dan has been busy working on the distillery combining his love of building and sciencing the shit out of things to create amazing flavoured cocktails and spirits. 

Dan and Kris are very excited to be taking the leap into this new adventure and can't wait to see where it takes them.